Applications at a Glance





This will provide Margaret with information about some of the applications that are available with access to the Mitsubishi Motors Supplier Portal.


M-EDI is a new Web-based electronic data interchange (EDI) tool that will enable suppliers to communicate electronically with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
M-EDI can electronically exchange data such as Parts supply information, Production instruction information between Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and its suppliers.
ENIweb for Supplier is a Web tool to provide suppliers with MMC's engineering information which contains individual part information, parts spec, change history, etc.
CSone (Consolidation System version 1) is a system to collect and to control consolidated accounting information, the objectives of which are to shorten accounting cycle, to improve reporting accuracy and to reduce manpower for accounting data input.
MMC-SWAN is a Web-based tool which exchanges an engineering data (e.g. CAD data) between supplier and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
Web APRil
Although APRil Web is now in the trial stage with several suppliers, there are still roadblocks 
to be solved for official introduction.
An announcement is to be made soon when the service will be ready.
APRil : Accounting Process Reengineering with intense leadership



Secure File Exchange

Please contact the administrator to setup this portlet. If you are the administrator, go to the configuration screen to setup this portlet.